The Belize Zoo, the only zoo of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Jaguar at The Belize ZooAs the only facility of its kind within the Latin American and Caribbean region, The Belize Zoo delicately combines all the fascination and appeal of a stereotypical zoo with a well monitored conservation effort which allows native wildlife to flourish within its unique natural habitat. The zoo is located 29 miles west of Belize City, a convenient 45 minute bus ride from the Fort Street Tourism Village cruise port, the only cruise port in Belize City, rendering it accessible to stop-over visitors who wish to sample the splendor of the pristine Belizean wilderness without venturing too far from the ship.

Keel Billed Toucan at the Belize ZooCertainly, the zoo’s most attractive feature is its user friendly layout consisting of a variety of well constructed walkways, spacious viewing platforms, and interactive exhibits which allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals behind the safety barriers of carefully re-created habitats.  Each exhibit is intricately tailored to the specific species which it showcases by the use of all indigenous shrubs and trees as well as the inclusion of well landscaped ponds and wetlands.

The over  45  species of mammals, birds, and reptiles include the country’s most revered national symbols particularly the colorful keel-billed toucan, the majestic tapir or “mountain cow”, and rare black orchid in addition to the towering Lucky Boy at the Belize Zoojabiru stork, elusive black jaguar, and playful howler monkeys.

After a leisurely stroll around the winding walkways of the 29 acre compound visitors may purchase a souvenir at the fully stocked gift shop, enjoy a picnic lunch in the spacious picnic and playground area adjacent to the parking lot or opt to enjoy a hearty Belizean meal at any one of the superb roadside restaurants situated within close proximity to the zoo.

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June 12, 2017
[…] of a number of protected areas and conservation projects the most renowned of which is The Belize Zoo, the only zoo in the region to showcase indigenous species in their natural habitat, situated just […]

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