Belize Departure Tax  – Updated – January 2024

When flying from Philip Goldson International Airport Belize departure tax may already be in the cost of your ticket, however this is not always the case and you should check on this before your departure flight, as this tax is only collected in CASH and no credit cards are accepted.

Admittedly much confusion arises from the breakdown of Belize departure tax fees as some are posted in Belize dollars and others in US dollars.

Every traveler leaving by air from Belize via the Philip Goldson International Airport, whether local (Belizean) or non local (US or any other country) are required to pay the Belize departure tax. The current rate breakdown is listed below.

Belizean citizens and permanent residents, the belize departure tax is $35 (Belize currency), plus US0.75 security screening fee.

Non-citizens and non-residents of Belize are required to pay $55.50 (United States Dollars) Belize departure tax Plus US0.75 security screening fee.

Any traveler leaving Belize via any crossing to Guatemala or Mexico (Terrestrial or Marine) are required to pay a mandatory Border Development Fee” of $2.50 (Belize Dollars), conservation fee of Belize $7.50 (Belize Dollars) and the Belize Departure Tax of $30.00 (Belize Dollars) for a total of Belize $40.00 or US20.00. Once again all fees are payable in cash ONLY.

Any traveler spending less that 1 full day, 24 hours, in transit through the country if Belize is not required to pay the conservation fee. However for any reason that 24 hours is passed they are required to pay the $7.50 Belize Dollars at the time of departure.

We at Belize Fun Tours cannot stress the importance that all Belize departure tax must be paid in Cash. Your best bet is to keep US currency as its accepted at all border points.

Travelers with an American, Canadian, European Union, or CARICOM passport, there is no visa to enter the country. There are NO visa fees or entry fees to enter Belize.