Altun Ha Maya Ruins Shore Excursion

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A Day in the Shadows of the Mayan Kings: Altun Ha Maya Ruins Shore Excursion

Discover the splendors of the ancient Mayan civilization on this captivating Altun Ha Maya Ruins Shore Excursion, the perfect outing for families and friends stepping ashore in Belize for a day!

Kick-off the journey to a bygone era as we sail through the Caribbean’s vivid blues and disembark at the buzzing Belize City port. Our expert guide will welcome you with a warm Belizean smile, quickly whisking you away on a comfortable, air-conditioned coach through the lush landscapes of Belize.

The adventure begin as we journey into the dense tropical jungle, winding along roads framed by overhanging emerald-green canopies. Peek out the window and spot playful monkeys, green iguanas, and—if you’re lucky—maybe even pecary!

In about an hour, we’ll reach our destination, the glorious Altun Ha Maya Ruins. Greeted by the haunting calls of howler monkeys, you’ll feel an electric charge in the air, the echo of a time when these stones told a different story—a story of gods, of kings, and of an empire that once dominated Central America.

Your guide, an expert in Mayan history and Belizean lore will lead you through the complex painting a vivid picture of the past as you tour the ruins. As you stand before the Temple of the Masonry Altars, the site’s largest and most significant structure feel the same awe that generations of Mayans once did. Let the kids (and the kids at heart) run their hands over the stone carvings, their fingers tracing a history thousands of years old.

Marvel at the Sun God’s Tomb, as your guide spins enthralling tales of royal ceremonies, sacrifices, and the treasures that lay buried beneath the layers of stone and earth. Get a chance to see a replica of the famous Jade Head, a representation of the Mayan Sun God, one of the largest carved jade objects from the Mayan era.

As the day comes to a close, we’ll return to the modern world. We understand all that adventuring can work up quite an appetite! That’s why we include a delicious Belizean meal—think mouth-watering chicken stew with coconut-infused rice and beans—at a local restaurant, packed with the flavors of Belize.

Before we wave goodbye at the Belize City port, we’ll make a brief stop at a local handicraft market. This is your chance to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts, such as handmade Mayan crafts or Belize’s famous chocolates and spices.

A journey through Altun Ha is a trip through time, an immersion in history, and an adventure for all ages. Whether you’re a history buff, an intrepid explorer, or just looking for a unique and enjoyable day out with your family and friends, our Altun Ha Maya Ruins Shore Excursion is sure to leave you with lasting memories and incredible stories to share.

Join us and step into the world of the Mayans, if only for a day. Explore, learn, laugh, and discover the enchanting secrets of Belize and the Altun Ha Maya Ruins. After all, adventures are best shared with those you love!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make memories together!
Adults US$85 Children under 13 years US$55

Shore Excursions are for cruise ship guests only!

2 adults US85 per person
3-6 adults US80.75 per person
7-10 adults US76.50 per person
11 or more US72.25 per person

prices calculate automatically at checkout. Only a deposit is taken to secure the reservation the balance is due in cash at the time of pickup a the port in Belize City. After your reservation is received we will email with pickup details as well as to get your ship information. We keep track of all arrival and departure times for all ships porting in Belize.

Should your ship not port for any reason we offer a 100% refund on your deposit!

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  • Licensed Tour Guide
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  • Complementary Lunch
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We pickup from your hotel, AirBnB, Vacation Rentals or homes.

Roughly and hours drive North to the village or Rockstone Pond through small villages. On the way your guide explains the history of Old Belize, and flora and fauna of the area.

Upon arrival at the park, use bathrooms, and its off to tour. guide will provide purified bottled water to keep you hydrated on tour.

At the end of your tour we make our way back to the parking lot re-board the van and make your way to our restaurant where we have lunch. Lunch is local Belizean cuisine of Rice and Beans, stew chicken and coleslaw. From time to time local game meats are available to sample if your brave enough.

After lunch we Re-board our van for your return to Belize city and your tour of the Old Capital of Belize.


3 - 5 hours



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Belize Tours, Fort Street, Belize City, Belize

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