Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour

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Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour

Are you ready for a day of awe-inspiring history and exhilarating adventure, right in the heart of Belize? This captivating combo tour will take you from the enigmatic Mayan ruins of Altun Ha to the thrilling river caves of Nohoch Che’en, promising you a day to remember!

Begin your journey by stepping back in time at Altun Ha, one of the most accessible Mayan sites from Belize City. As our knowledgeable guides bring the past to life, you’ll wander amidst the ancient stones, gaze upon the Temple of the Green Tomb, and even see the magnificent Jade Head, a symbol of the Mayan Sun God. Breathe in the mystery and majesty of a civilization that thrived here over a thousand years ago.

Next, we’ll whisk you off to the Nohoch Che’en Archaeological Reserve for an adrenaline-fuelled cave tubing adventure. Don your helmet, grab your tube, and float leisurely along the Caves Branch River as it winds through a series of fascinating caverns. Admire the shimmering stalactites, spot the playful bats, and feel the thrill of exploring an underwater world known to the ancient Maya as Xibalba, the “place of fear.”

We’ve got your transportation covered! Our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles will pick you up and drop you off directly at the water taxi in Belize City, your Airbnb, or hotel in and around Belize City. Our dedicated team will ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Tour Schedule: The full-day tour begins at 8 AM and concludes around 5 PM, providing you ample time to explore, learn, and have fun!

Lunch? You bet! Enjoy a scrumptious, authentic Belizean lunch, included in your tour package. Dietary requirements? No problem. Let us know in advance, and we’ll cater to your needs.

This immersive combo tour of Altun Ha and Belize Cave Tubing is more than just a trip; it’s an exciting journey into the heart of Belize’s rich history and natural wonders. Adventure, culture, history, and fun – we’ve got it all in one!

Get ready to make some unforgettable memories. Adventure Awaits!

Book your spot now for the best day you’ll ever have in Belize! We promise it’ll be an experience you’ll be telling stories about for years to come!


Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour Time

6.5 Hours

Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour Cost

US145 per person

1. What is the Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour?

This is a tour that takes you through the ancient Mayan ceremonial center of Altun Ha and also a cave tubing adventure through the unique limestone caves of Belize.

2. How long is the tour?

The tour typically lasts approximately 6-8 hours, including transportation time.

3. What should I bring for the tour?

You should bring comfortable clothing, swimsuit, water shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and a waterproof camera if possible.

4. Is lunch provided on the tour?

Yes, a traditional Belizean lunch is typically included as part of the tour.

5. Are there any age restrictions for this tour?

The tour is generally suitable for all ages. However, for the cave tubing, children must be at least 40 inches tall.

6. Is it safe to go cave tubing?

Yes, safety is a priority. Tour guides are trained in first aid and emergency rescue, and safety gear is provided.

7. What can I expect to see at the Altun Ha Maya Ruins?

At the Altun Ha Maya Ruins, you’ll see ancient temples and artifacts, lush vegetation, and a variety of local wildlife. You’ll also learn about Mayan history and culture.

8. What is the best time of year to take this tour?

The tour operates year-round. However, the dry season, from November to May, might be the most comfortable time for outdoor activities in Belize.

9. How fit do I need to be for this tour?

The tour requires a moderate level of physical fitness. You should be comfortable walking for extended periods, and the cave tubing portion involves some swimming.

10. How can I book the Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour?

You can book the tour directly on our website, or contact our customer service for assistance. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour

Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Tour departing from Belize City. Learn the history of the ancient maya and visit the underworld.

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We pickup from your hotel, AirBnB, Vacation Rentals, Homes

Transfer to Nohoch Che'en

Roughly and hours drive west to St. Mathews village is the turn of into the Nohoch Che’en Archeological Park. On the way your guide will explain the history of Belize and flora and fauna of the surrounding area.

Arrival and Tour

Upon arrival at the park, change and use bathrooms, gear up and its off to your cave tubing adventure. A short 45 minute hike into the rainforest to the top of the caves, on the way your guide explains the surrounds, flora and fauna. Unlike Cruise guests that go only to cave 3 you make your way to 4, as you have enough time. At the caves entrance your guide latches all tubes together and your off, on your float back in time your guide explains the history of the caves and its importance to the Ancient Maya. At the end float back to the initial start point.


At the end of your tour we make our way back to the parking lot where we sit and have a delicious local Belizean Lunch.

Atlun Ha Maya Ruins

An hours driver east bring us to the small village of Rock Stone Pond which shares its name with the ancient Maya city of Altun Ha. On arrival you take a quick bathroom break all who need and its off to learn the history of the Ancient Maya who once occupied the city. The city, an important trading post on the coast of Belize at its peak housed more than 10,000 Maya. After your tour, we return to Belize city.

  • Air Conditioned Transfer
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • All Entrance Fees
  • All Cave Tubing Gear
  • Complementary Lunch
  • Water
  • Water Taxi or Local Flights to and from Belize City.
  • Souvenirs/Gifts
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuity

5 - 7 hours


Tour's Location

Belize Tours, Fort Street, Belize City, Belize


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Very Good
Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins
Kelly G

Great Tour!

We had a large group 13 of us and did the cave tubing and Altun Ha tour. We had a blast with our guides Jerry and Roberto. Just a heads up this tour has a lot of driving involved. 3 plus hours. The only complaints I have is our van was pretty packed and we were lucky one of the people in our party had to stay on the ship because they weren’t feeling well. Even with one person sitting this one out our guide Jerry had to stand the whole time. We also had to fuel up on our way back to the ship which I think is a little odd. Would make sense to have the van ready to go for the day. Enough of the negative stuff. The caves are AMAZING and our guides were very knowledgeable and please understand they are pulling you through the river and caves while telling you the history of the area. A lot of work for these folks and they were great! Here is a great tip. Our guides asked us if we wanted to have our tubes hauled up for us by a local so our hands would be free to take pictures ect. I highly recommend doing this not only does it help someone out it makes the 25 min hike a lot easier. Cost was $5 per couple and worth every penny. After the caves it was off to the ruins and WOW! Again our guides Jerry and Roberto were very informative with all the history of the site. We were able to spend about 45 min at the site which was plenty. Then it was off for the hour van ride back to the ship. We were running low on time so our lunch was to go and we picked it up and ate in the van. We made it back to port with 20 min to spare. My only advise is be prepared for a lot of driving time and also be to the pick up site as early as you can so you get the full experience. We had a blast and loved our guides! Kelly and Pawnee March 14th 2019. Carnival Dream.
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Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins

Altun Ha Cave Tubing and Zipline Tour from Belize City

We are staying in San Pedro, Belize for 2 months. When our daughter and her husband visited for a week, we booked an inland tour including zip line, cave tubing and Altun Ha ruins tour with Belize Tours Marketplace. We were picked up at the Ocean Ferry by our guide, Luis. He was fantastic. He knows so much about the history of Belize and current information. As we went from place to place he would see things like billboards or highway signs and he would tell us all about the names, events or history pertinent. In the cave, he knew about how and why certain formations were there and the Mayan significance. He was a wealth of information in the Mayan ruins as well. We couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend this company.
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Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins
mike m

Belize City Tour, Belize Cave Tubing and Alton Ha Mayan City Ruins

Belize City Tour, Belize Cave Tubing and Alton Ha Mayan City Ruins Our booked excursion was Belize City Tour, Belize Cave Tubing from cave #3, and Altun Ha Mayan City. My wife and I took our 1st Carnival Cruise and booked all of our Excursions on-line separate from the ones offered by Carnival Cruises. When we arrived in Belize we were met at the dock by our 2 tour guides Roberto Botes and Abner (Abby) with Belize Tours Marketplace. Our only real big concern besides having lots of fun was to make sure we got back to the dock to board the ship before it left for the next port. Roberto immediately set our minds at ease already knowing exactly when we had to be back and which part of the tour to do first and how much time we had at each leg of the tour. We started with the Belize City Tour as we headed out for the Belize Cave Tubing. Both Roberto and Abner were a wealth of knowledge of the City of Belize, their Country and the Mayan People. Both were very friendly, out-going, courteous and entertaining the entire tour. Abner was our main guide on the Belize Cave tubing part of the tour. It took us maybe 20 minutes to hike to cave #3. He talked to us all the way to the cave entrance telling us all about the history of the caves and the National park we were hiking through. He then attached all of our tubes together and assisted us all the way through the caves, telling us all about them as we floated through them. We were a little bit ahead of schedule as we headed out for the Mayan ruins. We stopped at a local restaurant in which Roberto treated us to an authentic Mayan lunch of rice bean and chicken. Very delicious!!! Once arriving at the Mayan Ruins Roberto gave us both an unbelievably great tour with a wealth of information about the ruins and its ancient inhabitants. I thought he must have actually lived amongst the Mayans because he knew so much about the people and the ancient ruins. My wife actually got in a little bit of shopping and we made it back to the ship with 45 minutes to spare. Anyone using Belize Fun Tours, I would recommend highly these 2 tours guides Roberto and Abner with Belize Fun tours. They were both totally outstanding in every way. Also my wife and I were the only 2 that showed up for this tour and they still took us on the tour (an outstanding private tour as it was) which I know wasn't very cost effective and I know for a fact that many other tours would not have done that for just 2 people . Many thanks to these two tour guides and Belize Fun Tours for helping to make our vacation Awesome!! FIVE STARS *****
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