Community Baboon Sanctuary

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Community Baboon Sanctuary Visitor Center and Museum (A Black Howler Monkey Sanctuary), Bermudian Landing, Belize
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About this tour

Discover Primate Wonders: Unforgettable Journey through Belize’s Community Baboon Sanctuary!

The Sanctuary:

Journey into the heart of Belize and experience an incredible encounter with nature at its most profound at the Community Baboon Sanctuary. This tour invites you to step away from the beaten path and embrace the wild in a wholly unique and unforgettable way.

Stretching across 20 square miles of tropical rain-forest, the Community Baboon Sanctuary is home to over 2500 black howler monkeys, locally known as baboons. With a commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism, the Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to see these charismatic creatures in their natural habitat, while supporting the local community.

Touring the Community Baboon Sanctuary

Our tour begins with a warm greeting at the visitor center, where our knowledgeable local guides will give you an informative introduction to the sanctuary and its remarkable inhabitants. The displays provide an insight into the area’s history, biodiversity, and the role of the Sanctuary in preserving this ecosystem.

Next, venture out on an engaging nature walk through the lush jungle. As you traverse the trails, let the symphony of the rainforest come alive around you. Keep an eye out for other wildlife too, such as iguanas, exotic birds, and even crocodiles near the river.

The highlight of the Community Baboon Sanctuary tour is undoubtedly the close encounter with the howler monkeys. Witness these remarkable creatures in their natural environment, as they swing through the trees, socialize, and fill the air with their iconic howls. This is a truly rare experience that connects you to the wonders of the natural world in an intimate way.

Your tour concludes with a visit to the local Creole community. Taste authentic Belizean cuisine, participate in traditional craft workshops, and learn about the culture that has shaped this unique ecosystem. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the people who make the Sanctuary a success and to understand their commitment to conservation.

Every step of this tour not only promises an exciting adventure into the wild but also contributes to the ongoing conservation of this precious ecosystem and the welfare of the local community. So, join us and create memories that will last a lifetime while making a positive impact on the world.

1. What is the Community Baboon Sanctuary?

The Community Baboon Sanctuary is a grassroots conservation project dedicated to the preservation of the Black Howler Monkey (or “baboon” in the local Creole dialect) habitat in Belize.

2. Where is the sanctuary located?

The sanctuary is located in the Belize District of Belize, Central America.

3. What is the aim of this sanctuary?

The sanctuary aims to protect the habitat of the Black Howler Monkey while simultaneously promoting the economic development of the participating communities.

4. How can I visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary?

You can visit by arranging a tour through their official website or by visiting directly. The sanctuary is open year-round.

5. What activities can I do in the sanctuary?

Visitors can enjoy guided tours, nature trails, bird watching, night walks and cultural tours, among other activities.

6. Can I volunteer at the Community Baboon Sanctuary?

Yes, the sanctuary offers various volunteer opportunities. You can get involved in conservation activities, educational programs, and community development projects.

7. Are there accommodations near the sanctuary?

Yes, several accommodations are available near the sanctuary ranging from guest houses to resorts. Some are run by the community as part of the sustainable tourism initiative.


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Community Baboon Sanctuary Visitor Center and Museum (A Black Howler Monkey Sanctuary), Bermudian Landing, Belize
From: $115.00


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