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Attention Carnival Cruise travelers! Are you ready to turn your Belize port day into an unforgettable adventure? Look no further than our Carnival Belize Excursions, specifically designed to make your day in Belize a highlight of your Western Caribbean cruise. We invite you to join us on the “Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins” tour, a perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping action and cultural exploration.

Kick off your day by diving into the refreshing waters of the Nohoch Che’en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve. Here, an exhilarating cave tubing experience awaits you. Equipped with your personal flotation device, headlamp, and a thirst for adventure, you’ll navigate through awe-inspiring caves adorned with shimmering stalactites and stalagmites. As you float along, you’ll encounter remnants of ancient Maya ceremonial centers hidden within these captivating limestone formations.

As your family’s laughter reverberates off the cave walls, you’ll be carried gently by the river through this tranquil underworld. Whether you’re young or young at heart, this part of the adventure offers something for everyone. Kids will delight in the gentle thrill, while adults can unwind and marvel at Belize’s subterranean beauty. And don’t forget to look up—you might spot fruit bats hanging upside down, curiously observing their human visitors

Next, we’ll transition from the mystical caves to the grandeur of the Altun Ha Maya Ruins. Located deep within the Belizean rainforest, these ruins stand as a testament to the brilliance of the ancient Maya civilization. Your jaw will drop as you explore ceremonial temples and pyramids dating back to 200 BC. Imagine standing atop the Temple of the Masonry Altars, a 54-foot high structure, and feeling the ancient world come alive around you. Your knowledgeable guide will enrich your experience with fascinating tales and historical insights, making this a captivating experience for all ages.

Hungry for more? Throughout this Carnival Belize Excursion, you’ll indulge in authentic Belizean cuisine. Picture yourself enjoying a leisurely lunch of coconut rice and beans, stewed chicken, and fried plantains, all while surrounded by the lush rainforest. Quench your thirst with freshly squeezed tropical juices or coconut water, keeping you energized for a day packed with discovery.

As we make our way back to the cruise port, keep your eyes peeled for Belize’s exotic wildlife. From the keel-billed toucan, Belize’s national bird, to elusive creatures like the howler monkey, this land is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

We understand the unique timing needs of cruise travelers. Rest assured, you’ll be back on your ship with time to spare, your heart full of new memories and stories to share. This Carnival Belize Excursion is more than just a day trip; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

So, are you ready to make the most of your Belize port day? Come join us on this incredible Carnival Belize Excursion. Belize is eager to share its wonders with you, and we can’t wait to make your day here an unforgettable chapter in your cruise vacation. See you soon, fellow adventurers!

Adults US$145 Children under 13 years US$85
3-6 adults US137.75 per person
7-10 adults US130.50 per person
11 or more US123.25 per person

prices calculate automatically at checkout. Only a deposit is taken to secure the reservation the balance is due in cash at the time of pickup a the port in Belize City. After your reservation is received we will email with pickup details as well as to get your ship information. We keep track of all arrival and departure times for all ships porting in Belize.

Should your ship not port for any reason we offer a 100% refund on your deposit!

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How long does the Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Maya Ruins Shore Excursion last?

The excursion typically lasts around 6 to 7 hours, including travel time to and from the port.

What does the excursion include?

The excursion includes guided tours of the Nohoch Che’en Caves and the Altun Ha Maya Ruins, all necessary equipment for cave tubing, transportation, and a traditional Belizean lunch.

Is the excursion suitable for children?

Yes, the excursion is family-friendly and suitable for children. However, for the cave tubing, participants need to be comfortable in water and children should be at least 40 inches tall for safety reasons.

What should I bring for the excursion?

You should bring a swimsuit, towel, comfortable clothing and footwear, a change of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and a camera for all the beautiful sights!

How physically demanding is the excursion?

The cave tubing requires a 30-minute walk through the jungle and the ability to swim. Exploring the Altun Ha Maya Ruins involves some walking, often up steps and uneven terrain. Participants should be in good health and physical condition.

Will we be back in time for our cruise departure?

Yes, the excursion is designed with cruise ship schedules in mind. We ensure that you return to your ship with ample time before departure.

What if it rains?

The excursion typically runs rain or shine. Cave tubing may be affected by heavy rains as it can cause water levels to rise. Any changes due to weather will be communicated to participants as early as possible.


  • Air Conditioned Transfer
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • All Entrance Fees
  • All Cave Tubing Gear
  • Complementary Lunch
  • Water
  • Water Taxi or Local Flights to and from Belize City.
  • Souvenirs/Gifts
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuity


We pickup from your hotel, AirBnB, Vacation Rentals, Homes

Roughly and hours drive west to St. Mathews village is the turn of into the Nohoch Che’en Archeological Park. On the way your guide will explain the history of Belize and flora and fauna of the surrounding area.

Upon arrival at the park, change and use bathrooms, gear up and its off to your cave tubing adventure. A short 45 minute hike into the rainforest to the top of the caves, on the way your guide explains the surrounds, flora and fauna. Unlike Cruise guests that go only to cave 3 you make your way to 4, as you have enough time. At the caves entrance your guide latches all tubes together and your off, on your float back in time your guide explains the history of the caves and its importance to the Ancient Maya. At the end float back to the initial start point.

At the end of your tour we make our way back to the parking lot where we sit and have a delicious local Belizean Lunch.

An hours driver east bring us to the small village of Rock Stone Pond which shares its name with the ancient Maya city of Altun Ha. On arrival you take a quick bathroom break all who need and its off to learn the history of the Ancient Maya who once occupied the city. The city, an important trading post on the coast of Belize at its peak housed more than 10,000 Maya. After your tour, we return to Belize city.


5 - 7 hours



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Belize Tours, Fort Street, Belize City, Belize

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