Belize Vacation Packages

The dream of a serene yet adventurous vacation in Belize could be within your grasp, with our specially curated Belize vacation packages. We’ve designed these packages to cover all aspects of your travel offering you unique benefits that ensure an unforgettable experience.

Seamless Planning and Logistics

Planning a trip to Belize can appear as daunting as deciphering Mayan glyphs, particularly for the busy young adults juggling work or academics. Our Belize  vacation packages encompass every aspect of your trip, from itineraries to logistical support. Imagine traversing the depths of the Actun Tunichil Muknal caves or snorkeling in the vibrant Great Blue Hole without having to worry about the minutiae of the booking process. The efficient, well-coordinated logistics ensure that your mind stays focused on the thrilling experiences ahead and not on the stress of planning them.

Astute Budget Management

For the cost-conscious young adult, our packages come as a breath of fresh air. With expenses such as accommodation, transport, and activities rolled into one, the total cost of your Belizean adventure becomes predictable. You can kick back in the tranquil beach towns of Placencia or Hopkins, explore the mysterious ruins of Caracol, or indulge in delectable Belizean cuisine, all while keeping your budget in check.

Unmatched Simplicity and Convenience

Our all-inclusive Belize vacation packages provide the ease of one-stop shopping. There’s no need to wade through a sea of booking websites and navigate the maze of transaction portals. With one simple step, you book your trip and enjoy the convenience of having everything arranged for you. This simplicity is a godsend for those who want to maximize their Belizean vacation time without the distraction of complex travel arrangements. Whats even more convenient we are located in Belize! We are always here to assist you, before, during and after your Belize vacation.

Expert Experience and Knowledge

Our Belize vacation packages bring you the insider perspective of our knowledgeable vacation angels and awesome local tour guides . They’ll lead you off the beaten track to lesser-known spots like the vibrant markets of Punta Gorda or the tranquil beaches of Hopkins. Gain an intimate understanding of the rich Belizean culture, history, and biodiversity that would be challenging to arrange on your own.

Assured Safety and Security

For those setting out on their first international journey or those who prefer a safeguarded travel experience, our packages are the ideal solution. We take care of your safety and security from the time you set foot in Belize until your departure. You can venture into the wilderness of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary or explore the streets of San Ignacio, knowing you’re in safe hands.

In conclusion, our Belize vacation packages encapsulate a unique blend of simplicity, convenience, expert guidance, and financial prudence. Embark on your journey to this captivating land and return with a suitcase full of unforgettable memories.

for more information on Belize visit Travel Belize the official website of the Belize Tourism Board.

Belize Vacation Packages

Barefoot Escape Belize Vacation Package

7 nights 8 days Accommodation included on San Pedro Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker Price Starting at US2225 person based on double occupancy, slow season and budget accommodations. Number of days and tours can be increased or decreased to your liking and prices adjusted accordingly. Just let us know your number of nights when you fill out the form.

Includes 4 tour days

  • Snorkeling Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  • Inland Xunantunich, Cave Tubing and Zipline
  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary or Lamanai

Jungle Inland Exploration Belize Vacation Package

3 nights 4 days Inland Jungle exploration. Prices starting at US1125per person based on double occupancy.
2 tour days and accommodation included. Chose any two tours from the list below.

  • Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary
  • Lamanai
  • Xunantunich, Cave Tubing and Zipline
  • Xunantunich and Belize Zoo

Mayaland Mysteries Revealed Belize Vacation Package

7 nights 8 days 8 Ultimate Maya history expeditions to chose from and accommodation included.. Prices starting from US2225per person based on double occupancy. 4 tour days. Choose from the tours below.

  • Actun Tunichil Muknal – ATM Belize (Maya cave exploration)
  • Xunatunich and Cahal Pech Maya Temples
  • TIKAL Maya Temples in Peten Guatemala
  • Caracol Maya Temples
  • Altun Ha and Howler Monkey Sanctuary
  • Lamanai
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Start Your Ultimate Adventure: Customize Your Package Today!

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